About us

4:44 it’s a jewelry brand based in Athens and founded 2019 by jewelry designer Aris Tsipis Temponeras Delmpouzis and marketing manager George Lamprinidis. 4:44 is the firest jewelry  brand in Greece. Pay close attention if the number 4:44 keeps appearing in your life. This number was sent to confirm to you that everything is working out and that you are in the right path.


4:44 creates silver & gold jewelry, crafted by Greek passionate professionals with years of experience. With respect on our customers, we design quality jewelry that meets worlwide standards.

Our  promise to our customers

At 4:44 our aim is to sell you jewelry, our goal is to provide the most fashionable iconic streetwear jewelry of the markets. While giving each customer right path buying experience.

You represent our jewelry and we represent you.